Notions de Futur


“Notions de Futur” is a prospective essay exploring the evolution of the notions of space, time and society from 2000 to 2099.

“Yet it is our turn to move forward blindly, with open eyes and groping hands, toward still uncertain futures.”

“Notions de Futur” is part of FLAIR’s research work. This first edition investigates how changing notions such as space, time and society will evolve during the 21st century. The second edition, expected for winter 2016, will focus on notions of morality, violence and fusion.

“Notions de Futur” is the result of research work conducted by Gauthier Roussilhe in 2015. This writing process is essential to our practice as it allows up to take a step back from our everyday design work in order to enrich our vision.

The original concepts developed in this essay were not chosen at random; they act as the framework for our student workshops. Generally speaking, we find it interesting to use these three concepts as a basis for exploring questions of design.

Copies are available on request, please contact: for further information.



Our notion of space will be increasingly challenged as we forge forward into the digital age. We will soon need to change how we think about space: more than a classic divide into public and private space, digital space must find its place within a new theory of spaces.




As we modify our perception of space, time will automatically be altered. Should time be considered as a series of short-lived snapshots or as a collection of memories with inertia?




How will our societies evolve as technological beings become increasingly integrated into our daily lives? The modern economy will be confronted with a massive shift, while cultural products and paradigms will emerge from technological and ethical issues.



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